Why Choose OEM RAM Parts Over Aftermarket Alternatives

What Are OEM Parts


Whether you drive a RAM 2500, another RAM truck, or a RAM cargo or passenger van, you may need to replace a factory-made part, or you might want to add an accessory to your ride. Whenever you need a replacement part or want an accessory, you should always choose the RAM parts you can find in our conveniently located RAM parts center.

What Are OEM Parts?

Being Blair, NE car dealers, we can tell you that OEM is shorthand for original equipment manufacturer. The term is used to refer to components produced by an automaker for the specific models it manufactures.

OEM parts are made with the same exacting specifications used to produce the vehicles they’re made for. RAM parts are manufactured under the Mopar® brand name, which means you can rest assured that they’re of the highest quality.

Parts manufactured by an automaker are typically covered by a warranty. For example, RAM parts are backed by a two-year warranty that doesn’t include any mileage limits. If a covered part fails during that time, you won’t have to pay for a new component or the labor required to install a replacement part.

When you bring your automobile to our RAM service department, we’ll only use OEM parts when we work on your RAM truck or work van. OEM parts are meant to be exact replicas of the components they’re replacing, which is why we use them instead of aftermarket parts.

The Drawbacks of Aftermarket Components

Drivers who contact or visit Woodhouse Chrysler Dodge Jeep® RAM sometimes ask about aftermarket parts. These components are readily available from any number of manufacturers. Compared to OEM parts, aftermarket components are more generic, meaning they’re made to work in various makes and models instead of specific automobiles.

With so many outfits producing aftermarket parts, the quality of these components can vary greatly from one location or manufacturer to another. While aftermarket parts are easy to find at retail locations, the sheer number of the components available can make it a chore to find the specific part you need.

As if questionable quality isn’t bad enough, aftermarket parts normally lack coverage by a warranty. If an aftermarket part fails the day after it’s installed, you’ll have to pay for a new part and the labor that’s required to install it.

Now that you know why OEM parts are the superior choice over aftermarket alternatives, are you ready to shop for RAM parts and accessories? If so, look over our Mopar® coupons now.