Spring Maintenance at Woohouse Chrysler Jeep® Dodge RAM

March 14th, 2019 by

Winter takes a toll on vehicles. From the dirt and grime build-up on the engine to squeaky brakes, every car benefits from a good spring cleaning. If you’ve had messages on your Chrysler dashboard, like alerts for tire pressure, then give our Blair Chrysler service center a call. We’ll inspect your vehicle and help you prep for spring. Schedule an appointment with Woodhouse Chrysler Jeep® Dodge RAM today.

Alerts on the Chrysler dashboard

If you’ve noticed alerts on your Chrysler dashboard, then there’s often no reason to worry. Common issues are the check engine light, oil change alerts, and warnings for low tire pressure. In winter months, car owners often see a change in tire pressure which is expected with fluctuating temperatures.

However, if you’ve replaced the air and repeatedly get error messages, then it’s time for our professionals to check out your tires. The rough road conditions and varying temperatures do a number on tires, and part of your spring prep needs to include inspection and possibly a tire rotation and balance.

Drivers often wait until warmer temps to get their oil change, but if you receive any alerts on your Chrysler dashboard, then it’s important that you give us a call. Routine maintenance keeps your car in top shape. Plus keeping regular service records helps with resale value and protects your investment,

Call our Chrysler Service Center near Omaha

After a hard winter, you may find corrosion on your battery connections or that your windshield wipers just aren’t doing their job. Our techs help you prep your car for spring with authentic parts made for your Chrysler model. Call Woodhouse Chrysler Jeep Dodge RAM and schedule a service for your car or truck today.

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